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BCN Organized its Annual Get Together Cum Cultural Program.

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Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) successfully organised its Annual Get Together and Cultural Program on 21 October 2018 at a community hall in the Dutch City of Zaandam, The Netherlands. More then 100 Bhutanese people from all part of the Netherlands and the representatives of different Nepali organisations were present in the program.

Mr. Amber Singh Subba, General Secretary of BCN formally welcomed everyone in the program and opened the program with the announcement of the BCN additional central committee members.
They were individually called on the stage where the senior citizens of our community Mrs. Nar Maya Budhathoki and Mrs. Pabitra Khadka formally blessed them with khada for their successful tenure. The general assembly officially formalised the following community members in the already existing BCN Central Committee:-

1. Mr. Bhakta Khadka

2. Mrs. Binita Gurung.

3. Mr.Raju Chhetri

4. Mr. Tufan Ghalley

5. Mr.Birkha Majhi

6. Mr.Chandra Thapa

The existing CC members which was elected earlier by the BCN General Assembly were as :-

1. Ram Karki as President
2. Amber Singh Subba as General Secretary

3. Aiman Samal ( Co-Founder of BCN) as Executive Member

4. Jigme Gurung as Executive Member.

Thus today’s program officially formalised 10 central committee members of The Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands.

Founder of BCN Mr. Aiman Samal highlighted briefly about the circumstances leading to the formation of BCN back on 19th September 2009.
He further explained about the significance and the positive prospect of BCN to our community members. Wishing for the successful tenure Mr. Samal congratulated Mr. Karki and his team.

Former BCN President Mr. DP Mainali also extended his best wishes for the successful tenure of the newly formed committee.

Speaking on the occasion BCN President Mr. Ram Karki stressed on the need to unify all the Bhutanese Community members living in various parts of The Netherlands and he hoped that during this tenure some sorts of success could be achieved on this field. He also said the future programs of the BCN will be decided and announced only after the first sitting of the newly constituted CC.

One minute silence in memory of those resettled Bhutanese who died in the Netherlands till today was observed under the leadership of Mr. Gopal Gurung, a senior community members.

Prominent Community artists Mr. Yadu Rai, Mitra Rai, Bishnu Khadka, Kabina Khadka and others showed their excellent performances. Likewise the dances from the Guest Artists Sarita Humagai and Chandana Khadka has surprised the audiences with their top class Nepali dances.

The program which was chaired by BCN President Mr. Ram Karki had The President of Non Resident Nepali Association (Netherlands) Mr. Manohari Sharma as the Chief Guest. Mr.Narayan Acharya former NRNA NL President, President and General Secretary of Nepal Jana Samparka Samiti Netherlands Mr. Padam Chhetri and Prem Jung Gurung, NRNA NL executive member Mr. Nishan Sapkota, NRNA NL senior members Mr. Khem Sapkota and Mr. Hem Kumar were the honoured guests.

Mr. Narayan Acharya was honoured with Do salla for being able to convince the then Nepali government to provide resettled Bhutanese refugees visas in their refugee travel document to visit their families and friends back in Nepal. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Acharya informed the masses about his successful initiative that enabled resettled Bhutanese globally to receive Nepali visa in their refugee travel document to visit Nepal. He also expressed his wishes to work closely with BCN in the days to come and wished the newly formed committee a very successful tenure ahead.

Speaking on the occasion Chief Guest Mr. Manohari Sharma reminded the Bhutanese Community masses about the importance of organizing such programs for strengthening and preservation of Nepali culture and traditions. He further stressed about the needs of the younger generation to adopt several measures so as to provide elderly people enough comforts and entertainment. He expressed his happiness for becoming chief guest in such a grand program and said that he is hopeful about organizing joint programs between NRNA NL and BCN in future.

The names of the recipient of the Certificate of Appreciation was announced by Mr. Gopal Gurung and was handed over by the Chief Guest to all the volunteers of the programs. The following volunteers were the recipients of the said certificates:-

1. Yadu Rai for stage performances.
2. Mitra Rai for stage performances.
3. Chandana Khadka for stage performances.
4. Sarita Humagai for stage performances.
5. Bishnu Khadka for stage performance.
6. Kabina Khadka for stage performance.
7. JB Gurung and Krishna Maya Gurung for sponsoring delicious food.
8. Mohan Subba for sponsoring delicious food and volunteering for the program
9. Bishnu Ghimire for volunteering in the program.
10.Khada Ghimire for both sponsoring delicious food and volunteering in the program.
11.Raju Chhetri for sponsoring delicious food, management and volunteering in the program.
12.Chandra Chhetri for sponsoring delicious food and volunteering in the program.

13.Shyam Gurung for volunteering in the program.
14.Saroj Rai for volunteering in the program.
15.Pralad Chhetri for volunteering in the program.
16.Arjun Chhetri for volunteering in the program.
17.Dasarath Bastola for sponsoring materials for the program.

Concluding the program Mr. Karki extended thanks to all the participants, volunteers and to each and every community members who came from very far and near to make the program successful. He also extended his deep appreciation and thanks to Mr. Gopal Gurung for working very hard from the beginning till the end for the complete success of the program. He further expressed his appreciation to NRNA NL dignitaries for accepting the invitation and for making themselves present in the entire part of the program.

Special thanks was also given to all the contributors who generously contributed voluntarily to pay the expenses for organizing the program and to those who came forward to fill the BCN membership forms at their own will.

Mr. Karki also thanked Mr. Rajendra Sharma (Nepal Premi), a close friend of BCN for his time and energy to create publicity materials for the program.

Deep appreciation was also expressed to the program hosts Mr. Pralad Karki and Mr. Bishnu Ghimire for their smooth hosting and to Mr. Abi Rai, Mr. Binod Khadka, Mr. Saroj Rai, Mr. Chandra Chhetri, Mr. Ajay Basnet, Mr. Om Raj Gurung and others for smoothly operating the music system throughout the entire program.

General Outcome of the program:

1. All the participants of the program expressed directly or indirectly their happiness to be together with so many fellow countrymen/women and enjoying a grand cul- tural music.

2.Participation from all the sections of the community has indicated that BCN has been gradually becoming inclusive.

3.Youths were encouraged and activated to participate in the BCN and in its activities.

4. Acted as a common platform for everybody to perform their presentation and skills in various ways.

5. Sense of collective responsibilities among our community members was stimulated.

6. This program has built up the sense of positive feelings towards BCN.
7. More than 20 people have voluntarily contributed some amount to support the program.
8.13 new people of our community have filled up the BCN membership form with no cost on the same day.

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