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Youth Seminar organised by Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands.

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A Day Long Youth Seminar was successfully organised by The Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) on 9th December 2018 in the Dutch Town of Zaandam. The Major objectives of organizing the seminar was to educate the Bhutanese Community youths on various issues like:-

  • The Valueof Community Service,
  • Leadership Development,
  • Event management,
  • Entrepreneurship development,
  • Preservation and Promotion of mother tongue and culture,
  • Proper Integration in the Local Dutch Community and the
  • Development of Positive Thinking attitude

It was a well organised and very effective Seminar which was moderated by some eminent experts in the respective fields.

The Program Coordinator Mr. Raju Chhetri who was also the program host opened the event by welcoming everybody in the hall and introducing the speakers to the house. He called upon BCN President Mr. Ram Karki to officially open the event.

Mr. Karki briefly highlighted about the major aims and objectives of organizing this seminar and further introduced the speakers in detail and the matters they are going to speak on the occasion. He also gave the basic information about the reason for founding BCN ten years ago, its objectives and the progress madetill today on realising those objectives. “BCN is an association and as an association it works for its members unlike foundation which works for other people and have no members,” said Mr. Karki. Concluding his opening speech Mr. Karki wished everybody good luck for the program and expects the smooth success of the seminar further.

Mrs. Ariette Prince-Hekman, a former COA  (Centraal Orgaan opvangasielzoekers) official spoke about the Dutch Values, ways of living, equal protection by the Dutch Constitution, Multicultural nature of Dutch population and shared many vital information about its historical perspective and importance of integration, etc, etc. Presenting her paper through powerpoint slides she highlighted almost every concerning aspects of the Netherlands and interacted with the participants simultaneously. She concluded her presentation with a  Namaste symbol on her slide.

Mr. Gopal Gurung, a prominent community member spoke at length about the value of community service and the roles and responsibilities of the youths towards their community. He further highlighted in detail about the advantages for the community if the its youths works selflessly for its welfare. “Youths energy and power if utilised properly at the right time and the right way can entirely change the community in positive direction” said Mr. Gurung. Concluding his presentation Mr. Gurung expressed his confidence about the proper implementations of knowledge gained today in the near future. He also requested the participants to kindly write their feedback in the paper provided in the stationary bags in front of them on the table.

Guest Speaker Mr. Fanindra Panta, a renowned social worker from the Netherlands based Nepalese Community spoke about the roles and responsibilities of youths to protect and promote ones language and cultural tradition. His slides presentation contained detail information about the value of education, professional development, means to protect and promote ones mother language together with giving more attention towards the integration in the Dutch society. His interactive presentation was welcomed by the participants with much interest and enquiries.

Mr. Amber Singh Subba, a prominent community member while demonstrating an interactive presentation on community leadership development through positive attitude spoke at length about the value of developing positive attitude in the community. “Patience and maintaining restraint makes it easy for the community leaders to solve complicated community crisis and issues” said Mr. Subba. His presentation drew a great attention from the participants as it was presented in a humorous manner and was full of practical knowledge.

BCN founding member and another prominent community member Mr. Aiman Samal inspired the participants through his excellent presentation on community entrepreneurship development and its numerous advantages. Mr. Samal in his brief but effective slides presentation demonstrated various positive aspects of starting one own business both economical and employment point of view.

Towards the end of the event an interactive question answer session was held between the BCN executive Team and the participants. Various questions related to the organisation were satisfactorily answered by the team.

Certificates of participation was awarded to all the participants through the hand of the program’s special Guest Mr. Marco, a Dutch police officer.

Concluding the session BCN President Mr.Karki extended his deep appreciation and thankfulness to the speakers, CC Members, participants,volunteers for helping to make the event successful. Special thanks was extended to BCN Coordinator Mr. Raju Chhetri for his overall coordination and management, Mr.Chandra Chhetri for his technical support, Mrs. Kabina Khadka and her sister Babita Khadka for preparing and serving delicious lunch and to Mr. Shyam Gurung for sponsoring complete stationery items for the entire  event. 

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