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नेदरल्यान्डस गतिबिधीसमाचारहरुहेडलाइन

BCN Supported the fire victims of Bhutanese Refugee Camp in Beldangi.

Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) has successfully distributed the relief supplies and cash to the families of fire victims of Bhutanese Refugee Camp at Beldangi in Jhapa Nepal on 14 May 2020.

BCN has been pained to see that fellow Bhutanese Refugees in Beldangi camp have to lose everything due to fire incident of 29 april 2020 and that also during the terrible period of COVID-19 lockdown in Nepal. Thus it has urgently felt that during such period it is the resettled community’s responsibilities to help them to rescue those unfortunate fire victims from the ensuing miseries.


Thus towards that vision, BCN urgently launched a fund raising campaign on 30 April 2020 and appealed everyone through its facebook page and other mediums for possible financial contributions for which the deadline was 5 May 2020 by midnight. The fund raising campaign was successfully concluded on 5 May 2020 and could collect 1154 euros from the following personalities and organisation based in The Netherlands.

Sl.No. Name Place in NL
1 Nepal Development Academy and Stichting Nepal Fonds. Utrecht
2 Aiman Samal and Santoshi Samal Zwolle
3 Ariette and Marco Zoetermeer
4 Devi Charan Basnet Zaandam
5 Devi Basnet Zaandam
6 Arjun and Devi Chhetri Wommels
7 D Ghalley Purmeerend
8 Pralad Chhetri and Santi Chhetri Wommels
9 DM Basnet Harderwijk
10 Dasharath Bastola Schiedam
11 Geeta Bastola Schiedam
12 M.S. Subba and Champa Gurung Zaandam
13 Sunil Kumar Gurung Amsterdam
14 Bhakta B Khadka Bilthoven
15 Shyam Gurung and Gopal Gurung Harderwijk
16 CB Chhetri Zaandam
17 Ram Karki and Jamuna Karki The Hague
18 KN Ghimire and Krishna Ghimire Zaandam
19 BB Majhi Leewarden
20 SM Ghimire Zaandam
21 JB Gurung Zwolle
22 Mukti Rai Raalte
23 Bishnu L Ghimire Zaandam
24 Bikash Koirala The Hague
25 Bikram Basnet Haarlem
26 B.K Subba Raalte
27 D.K Rai Leiden
28 Y.P Rai Raalte
29 Chhatra Rai Leiden
30 Dawa Tamang Baarlo
31 D Lepcha Kampen
32 Kharilal Gurung Utrecht
33 San Man Subba Raalte
34 Amber S Subba Raalte
35 U Pandey Zaandam
36 Roelien Lentink Talen Dronten
    Grand Total: 149,689 Nepali Rupees.

On 14 May 2020 with the assistance of a local charity Purvi Blue and camp committee of Beldangi Refugee Camp the families affected by the recent fire incident were distributed with cash, rice and blankets.


BCN Thanks all the contributors and supporters for their generous contributions to enable this mission to be successful. It also thanks all the executives and community members for working hard during the entire period of this project.

तल प्रतिकृया दिनुहोस

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