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अङ्रेजी हेडलाइननेदरल्यान्डस गतिबिधीसमाचारहरुहेडलाइन

Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands celebrated 10 Years of its Foundation

Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) has successfully organized its 10th year of its establishment on 27-10-2019 at a Grand Hall of Indian Business and Cultural Centre at Rijswijk.

The program which started at 2PM was attended by numerous Dutch dignitaries from the political, bureaucratic and civil societies circles, prominent members of the Nepalese Communities and a large numbers of Bhutanese Community members from far and wide. Though BCN was formed on 19 September in 2009 due to certain circumstances its 10 years anniversary was celebrated only on 27 October 2019.

The entire program was divided into 2 parts. In the first part from 12pm till 2pm organisational issues were discussed during which the BCN president Mr. Ram Karki announced the house about the programs and activities done during his tenure of last 13 months and he informed the house in detail about the financial situation of the organisation. The house accepted and acknowledged his presentation on financial matters and the past activities of the organisation. During the program all the former executives of BCN were facilitated. This part was hosted by BCN central committee member Mr. Gopal Gurung.

The second part started with a formal announcement of the names of dignitaries and their sitting allocation. The community girls with their traditional attire facilitated the announced guests with traditionally made scarf and the program badges.

Cultural programs like that of Dances, Music, Singing, Deusi Bhailo, Bhaleyni and other attractive activities entertained the audiences. Popular Dutch tranditional musical instrument “Draaimolen” was played which made the event extra attractive specially for the children. Mrs. Marian and Mrs. Ariette sang the happy birthday song together with music from the draaimolen and that made the program exceptionally wonderful.

BCN founding member Mr. Aiman Samal while giving his welcome speech welcomed everyone on the event and spoke at length about the circumstances and background of forming BCN back in 2009. He outlined his farsighted vision of the community organisation and encouraged every community members to come forward to work for the welfare of the community selflessly. He further expressed his hope that Bhutanese Community can prosper if all works unitedly under the platform of BCN for preserving and promoting the culture, tradition, language and common history. Finally founder Mr. Samal congratulated all the Bhutanese Community Members for successfully working together to take BCN to this height in the span of its 10 years and expressed his hope that BCN could further move taking big leaps ahead.

Special Guest Mr. Shree Ram Kandel, President of Non Resident Nepali Association Netherlands (NRN NL) speaking on the occasion congratulated BCN for successfully crossing 10 years of its establishment and expressed his hope that NRN NL and BCN could further work together more effectively towards the welfare of both the communities as well as for the welfare of the needy people in Nepal.

Senior Dutch politician Mr. Jay Prahladsingh speaking on the occasion stressed the importance of preserving one’s culture, tradition, language, food and history no matter where we live. He further lauded the effort of Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) and its President Mr. Ram Karki to achieve those goals. “Mr. Karki knows exactly what his community needs are and he has been doing his best to fulfil those needs” said Mr. Prahladsingh. He further informed the house about his support and solidarity towards BCN and said he will be pleased to know if in future too he could help the community.

Another high level dignitary Mr. Walter Van De Klink, a senior bureaucrat at the Dutch Government congratulated the community for making rapid progress in raising their integration level in the Netherlands despite being resettled in just 10 years ago. He talked about his connection with the BCN president Mr. Karki since long time but knew about their background only after his visit to The Humanity House where Mr. karki’s representational stories has been preserved. He further expressed his pleasure to be present on the occasion together with his wife witnessing wonderful cultural dances.

The Chief Guest of the program Mr. Shashi Paudyal, President of Nepal Development Academy and a long time supporter of BCN lauded the Bhutanese Community for making rapid progress in their life standard and their local integration. He spoke at length about the circumstances at the initial period of Bhutanese resettlement in The Netherlands during when he has been actively associated with the community service. He further praised present BCN leadership under Mr. Ram Karki for working tirelessly towards fulfilling the various needs of the community members. “In the recent days BCN has also been campaigning for the Human Rights and Justice of the Bhutanese Refugees and political prisoners at both the national as well as international level” said Mr. Paudyal and expressed his desire to continue supporting BCN in every possible manner be it social, cultural, financial or any other modes. He concluded his speech by calling every one to support the BCN leadership and thus community’s interest could be protected in all days to come.

Delicious traditional Vegetable Dishes like that of Selroti, Emadashi, Kheer, Samosa, Achaar, Pullaw Rice, Aloo Daam, Aloo Mattar, Mattar Paneer, Julabi, Cucumber Salade and others dishes were served.

Concluding the program Mr. Ram Karki, BCN President cum the event’s chairman thanked all the Bhutanese Community Members, Dignitaries, Dutch Well-Wishers, Nepalese Community members who travelled from all over the country to participate in the program inspite of their own hectic schedule.

Mr. Karki thanked the organizing Team Mr. Khada Ghimere, Mrs. Krishna Basnet, Mrs. Jamuna Karki, Mr. Mohan Subba, Mrs. Champha Gurung, Mr. Bishnu Ghimere, Mr. Arjun Karki, Mrs. Devi Karki, Mr. Pralad Chhetri, Mrs. Santi Chhetri, Mr. Chandra Thapa, Mrs. Sheela Thapa, Mr. JB Gurung, Mrs. Krishna Maya Gurung, Mr. Bhakta Khadka, Mrs. Tulasa Khadka, Mr. Gopal Gurung, Mrs. Laxmi Maya Gurung, Mrs. Damanta Bastola, Mr. Raju Chhetri, Mr. Saroj Rai, Mr. Aiman Samal, Mrs. Santoshi Samal for their very active involvement for many days to plan, execute and implement the programs that has made it possible for BCN to conclude its foundation day celebration in a very grand way.

Mr. Karki also thanked Mrs. Marian van Velden, Mr. Henk van Velden, Mrs. Ariette Prince Hekman and Mr. Marco for managing and sponsoring the Draai Molen music and for composing and singing the song for BCN. Also to Mrs Ariette for her special attention and support during the entire period of our preparation.

Special thanks was also extended to Mr. Prahladsingh for arranging a very beautiful hall free of cost for BCN. He further expressed his gratefulness to Netherlands based Top Nepali Dancer duo Miss. Chandana Khadka and Mrs. Sarita Humagain for their top class performance, our emerging child artists Miss. Ahana Sharma and Miss. Dilasha Thapa made the audience thrilled by their best performances. Mr. Rajendra Sharma (Nepal Premi) performed his flute skill by fluting Resam Firiri and Mr. Mohan from Leiden sang the song Malai Chori Najau in his exceptionally wonderful voice. Mr. Karki thanked both of them for such performances.

Program hosts Mr. Pralad Chhetri and Mr. Bishnu Ghimere were also thanked for their great skills in entertaining the audiences time to time and also for their perfect hosting of the program.

Before officially closing the program Mr. Karki extended his deep appreciation and gratefulness to CC colleagues Mr. Gopal Gurung and Mr. Aiman Samal for working extremely hard for designing, formatting and giving the program its practical shape. “They have invested a lot of time and resources for the community’s welfare and for all that we should highly appreciate them on this occasion” said Mr. Karki. Mr. Raju Chhetri and Mr. Khada Ghimere were also thanked and appreciated specially for their tireless effort to decorate the hall and manage the food items (catering) respectively.

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