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Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands Elects New Team

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) cum General Election to elect the Executive Team of Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) was successfully organized on 15th December 2019 at a community Hall in Verbeekstraat 1, 1501TS Zaandam, The Netherlands.

The first session which was chaired by the incumbent BCN President Mr. Ram Karki was focussed mainly on the evaluation of the past activities of the association and the space to improve in future. “In the very short span of time, BCN has tremendously progressed making its name and fame worldwide” said outgoing president Mr. Karki.

Mr. Karki clarified on various queries made by the house mainly about the deactivated bank account of the association, registration, membership issue and association’s statute and the obligations to follow those clauses and many other issues.

Outgoing BCN Team has most successfully organized around more then 10 community welfare/promotion activities. The most notable of them all are the followings:-

  1. Youth Seminar
  2. Dutch Parliament Meetings.
  3. Elderly Excursion.
  4. Celebrations of 10 years Anniversaries of Bhutanese resettlement and BCN establishment.
  5. Participations in various refugee related events both at Global and European level.
  6. BCN Membership Drive as per the statute.
  7. Restoration of BCN erstwhile deactivated bank account.

The floor was opened for detail discussion among the general members where several issues were discussed and clarified.

Financial status and other details of the association was presented to the house where every participants agreed in unison on all such presentations.

Mr. Ram Karki officially declared the dissolution of the incumbent BCN executive under his presidentship and opened the floor to begin the election process to elect the new BCN executives.

The election Commission (which was formed on 27 October 2019 at a General Meeting) constituted of Mr. Ram Karki, Mr. Gopal Gurung and Mr. Chandra Thapa took over the responsibility and proceeded the election process where the following BCN members were unanimously elected:-

  1. Aiman Samal – President
  2. Bhakta Khadka – Vice President
  3. Khada Nanda Ghimire – General Secretary
  4. Mohan Subba – Coordinator
  5. Arjun Chhetri – Treasurer
  6. Jamuna Chhetri – Women Focal Point
  7. Chandra Chhetri – Youth Coordinator
  8. Saroj Rai – Youth Coordinator
  9. Dev Ghalley – CC Member
  10. Devi Charan Basnet – CC Member
  11. Shyam Gurung – CC Member

Election commissioners officially declared the results and presented the official certificates and a khada felicitating to each elected office bearers followed by the loud applauses and clap from the house.

The outgoing president Mr. Ram Karki and the outgoing administration head Mr. Gopal Gurung handed over all the confidential as well as other documents and association’s properties to the newly elected team headed by Mr. Aiman Samal in the presence of the full house.

Newly elected BCN President Mr. Aiman Samal during his acceptance speech spoke about the huge success of the outgoing team and expressed his full confidence in getting complete support in all kinds from the outgoing executives. Mr. Samal congratulates every newly elected team members and encouraged them to work as a team for making their ensuing 2 years tenure successful. “We have to learn from our most successful and experienced seniors like Mr. Ram Karki and Mr. Gopal Gurung and seek their advices and support when necessary from time to time” said Mr. Samal.

Concluding the program the event chairman Mr. Karki extended thanks to all the outgoing team members, BCN members for their active participation and for making the program exceptionally successful. Mr. Karki extended his special thanks to his close friends Mrs. Ariette Prince Hekman, Mr. Marco, Mrs. Marian and Mr. Henk Van Velden for their all kinds of supports and presence during the entire term of his presidentship. “Without their support we would hardly succeed in organizing so many wonderful and impactful activities” said Karki.

Finally he congratulated the newly elected BCN executives and wished them all the best. “My full support will always be there as and when needed” said Karki before he officially closed the day long program.

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