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अङ्रेजी हेडलाइननेदरल्यान्डस गतिबिधीसमाचारहरुहेडलाइन

Global Campaign for the release of Political Prisoners in Bhutan.

Date: 11-12-2019

The Hague.

Coinciding with the 71st International Human Rights Day, resettled Bhutanese Communities in 6 resettled countries around the world submitted a common petition on 10 December 2019 to their respective host governments, international Human Rights Bodies, King of Bhutan and other  concerned bodies appealing for their support for the early release of all the Bhutanese Political Prisoners languishing in various prisons in Bhutan.

In the Hague a team of delegation from Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) comprising of its President Mr. Ram Karki, Members duo Mr. Khada Nanda Ghimere and Mr. Devi Charan Basnet and BCN supporters Mrs. Ariette Prince Hekman and Mrs. Rita Thapa met and submitted an appeal to the Dutch House of Representative Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mrs. Pia Dijkstra and her colleagues. During the petition event Mr. Ram Karki highlighted in detail about the background of Bhutanese peaceful movement of early 1990s, origin of Bhutanese Refugees crisis, present refugee crisis in eastern Nepal and about the situations of Bhutanese political prisoners. He further requested the chairman to use the strong diplomatic relationship between Netherlands and Bhutan to persuade the authorities in Bhutan to release the political prisoners without further delay so they could spend the rest of their precious life peacefully with their families. At the end petition with 357 signatures were handed over for her further information and action.

In the first hour of the most auspicious occasion of 71st International Human Rights Day Mr. Ram Karki despatched through express DHL service an appeal attaching 357 signatures collected through online signature campaign


for the release of bhutanese political prisoners to The King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan appealing for His Majesty’s Clemency to our brothers and sisters in prisons. This was a reminder to HM for our 8th October 2019’s appeal that HM received on 14 October 2019 in Thimphu.

Former Bhutanese Refugee Activist Mr. Suraj Budhathoki from United States of America submitted petitions for 24 various US Government bodies and International Bodies based in United States of America, also Mr. CM Nirola from USA submitted the petition to the local city major for her further presentation, likewise Mr. Prakash Gautam a family member of one of the political prisoner from Canada submitted the petition to Canadian Foreign Ministry, under the initiation of Mr. Durga Giri Bhutanese Welfare Association (BWA)’s chairman Mr. Prem Giri in United Kingdom submitted the petition to British Foreign Secretary and Amnesty International headquarters in London, in Denmark Mr. Purna Dahal the president of The association of Bhutanese Communities in Denmark (ABCD) submitted the petition to Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Likewise in Australia Cairns Bhutanese Community Inc and in Sydney Association of Bhutanese in Australia – Sydney submitted the petition to both state and federal MPs in cairns and Foreign Minister of Australia in Sydney under the initiation of Prahlad Dahal and Devendra Gautam respectively.

The online signature campaign which was started to bring awareness have been signed by all walks of people from all around the world and it represents resettled Bhutanese around the globe proportionately. This campaign will end after all the signatures with an appeal has been submitted to UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva sometime early next year.

The entire petition campaign was coordinated by Mr. Ram Karki from The Hague and was supported by Mr. Indra Adhikari from Adelaide, Australia, Mr. Gopal Gurung and Mr. Aiman Samal from The Netherlands, Mr. CM Nirola, Mr. Hari Subedi, Mr. Suraj Budhathoki, Mr. Rom Bista, Mr. Lila Mishra from United States of America, Mr. Durga Giri and Prem Giri from UK, Mr. Purna Dahal from Denmark, Mr. Prakash Gautam from Canada, Mr. Prahlad Dahal, Mr. Devendra Gautam and Mr. Suman Chhetri from Australia and Mr. Sudharsan Adhikari, Deven Sapkota and Mr. Netra Prasad Sharma from New Zealand.

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