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अङ्रेजी हेडलाइननेदरल्यान्डस गतिबिधीसमाचारहरुहेडलाइन

Prayers to Australian from Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN)

At a time when the whole Australia is suffering from the terrible bushfire resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of animals, rendering hundreds of thousands of citizens homeless, losing the properties worth billions of dollars and losing the near and dear ones of many family members, Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) felt the necessity to organise a prayer program in the name of those victims and also to mother nature for getting enough rainfall in Australia in order to stop further destruction from burning. Thus on 12-01-2020 a multi religious prayer ceremony was successfully organised at a local community hall in the Dutch City of Zaandam.

Briefing about the prayer event BCN president Mr. Aiman Samal highlighted in brief about the Australian fire disaster and said “We cannot become a mute spectator when our brothers and sisters in Australia are suffering but at the same time our small community has no capacity to contribute financial help to such a rich and powerful country like Australia, thus we have planned to convey our support and solidarity by praying for the well-being and peace of entire victims and Australian in general during this terrible time in their lives. The idea of organizing this event is also to send a message to all the Australian that they are not alone at this critical period”. Mr. Samal further said that he wanted to remember and thank Australian people and government for all the supports provided to the Bhutanese refugees since establishing Bhutanese Refugee camps in Nepal till their resettlement.

The ceremony started by lighting candles and holding one minute silence for the eternal peace of those souls who left the world due to this disaster.

Apart from Buddhist Lama Mr. Dev Ghalley, other religious personalities representing Christian community Mr. L.B. Ghalley and Mr. Mohan Kumar Rai, representing Kirate community Mrs. Panchu Maya Subba, Mr. Mohan Subba and Mr. B.K. Subba and representing Hindu community Mr. Ram Ghimire, Mr. T.B. Bhattarai, Mr. Devi Charan Basnet and Mr. Raju Chhetri recited the holy prayers from their respective religions for all those who lost lives in the recent fire disasters in Australia. They also prayed for the welfare of all the victims and Australian in general during this tragic period of their lives.

A 15 minute long recitation of the Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum took place under the initiative of Mr. Gopal Gurung, a senior community member.

Concluding the ceremony BCN General Secretary Mr. Khada Ghimire gave vote of thanks to everybody present on the occasion. He thanked specially to Mr. B.K. Subba a senior community members and the owner of youtube channel Bhutanese Reality-Overlooked for his effort to record every proceedings of the program. Mr. Ghimire further thanked BCN Coordinator Mr. Mohan Subba for successfully managing the event including arranging a hall and related facilities till the end. Special thanks was also extended to all those who managed and contributed the lunch for the event. General Secretary Mr. Ghimire expressed his deep appreciation and gratefulness to all the representatives from various religions from our community for making their time and reciting the prayers/mantras as per the respective religions.

तल प्रतिकृया दिनुहोस

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